Below are some of the videos we at Slackline Academy consider our favourites. We aim to show both local talent and international sensations here. If you’d like us to feature your video, feel free to contact us with a link to your upload.

Local film maker Daniel Rayner recently contacted us to see if he could record some action. Boy are we glad he did!

We put this together using some of the footage Daniel Rayner took as part of his larger project (above) for Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation’s recent film competition. We walked away with an Encouragement award. We also entered into the Brisbane Backyard Film Festival and managed to make it to the finals!

Lachlan Ryan (Lachlan Ryan Video Productions) accompanied us on a highline trip to Brooyah. We are extremely grateful for his expertise both as camera man and editor!

A fun day with the Slackline Brisbane crew on Australia Day 2012.

Elephant Slackline’s Niklas Winter show’s the Brissie boys how it’s done. Just one example of why we were so lucky to have this talent in town, even if it was only for 6 months.

Niklas Winter was in Brisbane for the first 6 months of 2012!

First ISPO Slackline Open