About us

The Business

Slackline Academy was formed in 2012 by myself, Dominic Jack, and is currently a 1-man operation (and while legally it is not it’s own entity, I like to think of it as having a life of its own, independent of me, hence I use ‘we’ a lot where, strictly speaking, maybe I should be saying ‘I’). We are currently looking for partners to host courses and training sessions, and while discussions are underway with some venues, we are yet to find a definitive home.

If you like what you see on this website and would like to engage us in some form of partnership, please contact us – we’d be very interested to hear from you! Even once we’ve found somewhere to call home, we’ll be looking to expand, so please don’t be shy – the more operating venues, the better!

Mission Statement

Slackline Academy is dedicated to the futhering of slacklining in all its forms, in Brisbane and throughout Australia. While we will initially focus on the most accessible forms – basic slacklining and tricklining – we fully intend to expand into longlining, yogalining and hopefully highlining. This will be done by treating slacklining as a sport, rather than a niche activity of a niche social group (climbers), as it is often portrayed, and hence taking the necessary precautions and dedication such a treatment requires.

As a community builder, Slackline Academy will endeavor to create training hubs around Brisbane, in order to provide cheap, effective training facilities for dedicated slackliners to practice hard and potentially dangerous tricks with appropriate safety equipment. We will also host events around Brisbane at regular intervals, providing an opportunity for people to meet other slackliners outside their local area and promote a healthy competitive environment to drive motivation.

As a training facilitator, we will endeavor to provide the highest quality training to people of all ages and backgrounds in as safe an environment as possible. We will pursue modern techniques in training, and respect that often, slacklining isn’t the best training for slacklining. As a result, it is hoped that Slackline Academy can produce some truly world-class athletes to compete on the world stage.

As a product supplier, we will endeavor to provide competitively priced slacklining equipment to the market in a manner that encourages slacklining development, rather than cripples the industry.

The Staff

The following is only a brief description of each of the staff members currently employed by Slackline Academy. For more information on each of the staff members, including personal achievements, slacklining experience and coaching philosophy, see the individual staff profiles.

Dominic Jack – Manager, Head coach, Course designer, Product specialist, Website administrator, accountant, receptionist, slackliner-extraordinaire

Yep – even with a business as small as this one, there’s a lot to do. On the bright side, you can rest assured if you’re talking to Dom about the business, if anybody knows the answer, he will. With a bit of luck, he’ll one day be able to hire somebody else and actually get back into some serious slackline training himself (or at least stop having to refer to himself in third person)!

For more information about Dom, check out his profile here.